How to get to Hvar

How to get to Hvar

Regardless of which type of transportation you choose to reach Hvar, undoubtedly you will experience a crystalline Adriatic Sea journey to Hvar Island. Firstly you will have to reach a harbor or docking on the mainland and then proceed to the island by boat transfer, ferry, catamaran or hydroplane. If you wish a free of worry custom made transfer to the door of your hotel and you prefer to avoid waiting in lines, checking the availability of transfer according to the season and squeeze with the crowds your best option is the VIP transfer. If you are more for a regular option than you can board a ferry or catamaran.

• To Hvar by Car

If you are travelling to Hvar by car, depending on the direction (Austria, Slovenia, Hungary) you need to go through Zagreb or Rijeka to reach Split or Drvenik with main Croatian highway A1.

Western Hvar – From Split you have the option to take the ferry to Stari Grad on Hvar (1 hour 45 minutes).
Eastern Hvar – From Drvenik (south of Makarska) you have the option to take the ferry to Sućuraj  on Hvar island (25 minutes).

Travelling Hint: Passengers travelling by car are requested to be at the terminal at least 1 hour before departure, in high season it is advisable to be at the terminal at least 1.30 hour before departure since car ferry service is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Beware that many hotels in Hvar town do not have parking places. Car petrol stations in Hvar are available in Jelsa and Hvar town, and are opened the whole day only during summer season.

• To Hvar by Plane

The closest international airports to Hvar are the ones in Split and Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik is 100km from Drvenik and ferry Drvenik – Sucuraj). From Dubrovnik, frequent bus lines are available to Drvenik or Split. Split Airport is situated 30 km from Split ferry station. Transfer of passengers from the Airport is organized by buses, also there is a local bus every 20 minutes and taxis are available during the operating time of Split Airport.
When you reach Split you can choose one of the sea transports to Hvar town, Stari Grad or Jelsa, by catamarans or ferries.

• To Hvar by Ferry

The easiest way to get to Hvar island after the VIP transfer whether you come by car, bus, train or plane is from the harbor of Split and  Drvenik (Croatia) or Ancona and Pescara (Italy) by ferries or catamarans.
There are daily ferry lines from Split to Stari Grad and from Drvenik to Sućuraj, as well as catamaran lines from Split to Jelsa and from Split to the town of Hvar.
There are also cross – island ferry lines to Hvar from Korcula, Vis and Brac Island.
Out of summer season the ferry from Split to Stari Grad sails 3 times a day and from Drvenik to Sućuraj 6 times. During summer season the ferry from Split to Stari Grad sails 4-7 times a day and from Drvenik to Sućuraj 11-20 times. Ferries from Italy sail only during summer season.

• To Hvar by Bus

Bus lines connect all parts of the country. Regular international bus lines connect Croatia with all neighboring countries, as well as most of middle European and west European countries.
If you are travelling to Hvar by bus – there are connections from all bigger cities and places to Split. Bus departures from Zagreb and Split are frequent (every half hour or every hour).
Split main bus station is right across the ferry port. There you can choose one of the sea transports to the island of Hvar – ferry to Stari Grad, catamaran to Hvar.
When you arrive to Stari Grad ferry station, there are bus connections for Stari Grad town, Hvar town and Jelsa, the tickets are sold in buses.

• To Hvar by your own Boat

If you arrive on Hvar by your own boat, there are marinas (Palmižana, Vrboska) or harbors (Hvar, Stari Grad, Jelsa, Sućuraj) for morring. Also many of the bays and coves make pleasant anchorages. In some of them there are also small jetties.

• From Split to Hvar

To arrive direct from Split to Hvar Town you have two options of transportation – the catamaran and VIP private boat transfers. If you opt for the catamaran transfer the most common challenge you will face is to get the catamaran schedule match your itinerary. The two companies operating catamarans are Jadrolinija and Krilo. During summer months, there are four catamaran departures in each direction, as travelling time is around one hour, you have approximately four hours to spend on seeing Hvar town if you plan a daytrip. During winter there are two catamaran departures in each direction but departures from Split are only in the afternoon which gives you three options of exploring the island: either you plan an overnight stay and return to Split the day after with the catamaran or you take the ferry from Split to Stari Grad in the morning and return in the afternoon or you schedule a VIP transfer by speed boat and you are hassle free of checking the catamaran/ferry departures limiting your travel itinerary.

• From Stari Grad town to Hvar town

Sometimes you will have to travel to Stari Grad in case the ferry timetable suits better your travel plan than the catamaran, especially in winter times when the catamaran schedule is limited and often the catamaran does not depart due to unsuitable weather conditions. In such a case the best option is to schedule a private transfer from Stari Grad to Hvar.

• From Dubrovnik to Hvar

Hvar can currently be reached from Dubrovnik only by a combination of airplane, bus or rental car and ferry. The option to travel directly by ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar is currently unavailable.
The quickest and most-direct route from Dubrovnik to Hvar is by car or bus to Drvenik and then ferry to Sućuraj. Drvenik is a small town on the Makarska Riviera, located midway between Ploce and Makarska. It can be reached by car or by taking the Dubrovnik – Split bus and exiting at Drvenik. The ferry operates 10 times per day during the summer season and takes 25 minutes to reach Sućuraj. During winter, the ferry lines are reduced by half. Once in Sućuraj, which is on the eastern end of the island, visitors must rent a car, take a bus or arrange private transfer to Hvar town at the other end of the island. The second option is to take the airplane from Dubrovnik to Split and reach the island by catamaran/ ferry or private transfer.

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